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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is information relating to some of the common ways in which a Notaries services are required. Click on one of the links below to jump to that section.

What is notarization?

A Notary can sign off on a document by notarizing it. So, this is usually done by attaching a certificate of notarization to the record. A notarial certificate includes statements of fact and law about the document being certified.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes. We offer virtual service. All appointments must be booked at least 30 minutes before the appointment time.

What is a remote notary?

A remote notary is a legally appointed notary public authorized to conduct notarizations via the internet using digital tools and a live audio-video call.

Is online notarization allowed?


Virginia was the first state to allow its notaries to notarize documents via audio-video technology in 2011 remotely. Because of a long-standing body law in every state, these online notarizations can be accepted throughout the country. States may also get common out-of-state notarizations by recognizing and taking them in their state laws. The Full Faith and Credit Clause (U.S. Constitution) could be an additional basis to allow states to accept out-of-state notarizations.

Some states and agencies have additional requirements or limitations regarding the acceptance of electronically signed documents. Not all documents can be electronically signed. It is a good idea to verify with the intended recipient that they accept online notarizations.

What forms of I.D. are they acceptable?

The following forms of I.D. are acceptable: Valid and unexpired photo I.D.s You may be able to use other I.D.s in your state or exclude certain items from this list. Always check!

  • S. State-Issued Driver’s License
  • S. State-issued Photo ID
  • S. Passport Books
  • S. Passport card
  • Certificate of U.S. Citizenship
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Passport for Foreigners
  • Alien Registration Card with Photo
  • Military ID

This list is not complete. We’ll let you be sure that your I.D. is accepted by sending an email.

What is the process of online notarization?

Live audio-video calls allow you to connect with a commissioned public notary public. The notary public will confirm your identity visually by scanning your photo I.D. and then witnessing as you sign the document. Finally, the notary signs the document and then places their notarial seal.

What happens if I need a witness to sign my document?

A notary public and signer are not enough for many transactions. You should let us know if you are signing any document that requires a witness signature before you make your appointment. We will ensure that they have access to the session by simply replying to your confirmation email.

You can request a witness by the notary in your confirmation email response.

What happens if I have more signers?

You have two options if your document needs to be signed by more people than one:

  1. Your secondary signer and you can co-locate (in the same physical place). Log in to the session with the notary on the same device and have your documents notarized.
  2. If the document needs two or more signers, and they are not co-located simultaneously, each signer must perform separate transactions. Each signer would make an appointment and then upload a signed copy of their/her document. Once completed, you will have different notarized documents, which you can then submit to the recipient agency or instant.